Capsulorhexis Technique

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Original article contributed by: Susan MacDonald MD
All contributors: Alpa S. Patel, M.D., Chris O’Brien, MD MBA and Derek W DelMonte, MD
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Summary of technique

Performing a Capsulorrhexis [1]

  • Anterior capsulorrhexis is stained with trypan blue
  • Use cystotome to scrape a tear in the anterior capsule
  • Remove cystotome with side turn on retraction from incision
  • Replace with capsulorrhexis microforceps and grasp one of the flaps and pull over briskly 180 degrees away from incision. Once flap is secured, stop and extend enough flap to fold over.
  • Continue to grab flap about 1.5 mm away from the tear point, extending the tear in a continuous curvilinear fashion putting the torn capsule back in towards the center of the eye
  • Continue shearing in a circular motion until completed with centered mass of capsule.

Additional Resources


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