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 by Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA on May 21, 2017.

Basic terms:

Username: I recommend choosing a username with Dr or MD in it if you intend to create an account that is educational. Synonyms: handle.

Tweet(s): your actual post. Limited to 140 characters.

Followers: the number of people that follow you.

Following: the number of people that you follow. Their tweets will appear on their newsfeed.


Data collected at two individual time points: May. 27-28th 2016 and May. 6th-7th 2017

Keywords: Eye Surgeon, Ophthalmology, and Ophthalmologist


Geographic distribution of Active Twitter Ophthalmologists in 2017.

60% in the U.S.

34% outside the U.S.

6% unknown

Average Number of Tweets:

2016 60.6

2017 84.0

Total Number of Active Users:

2016. 138

2017. 169

Top 3 Active Groups on Twiiter

Comprehensive Ophthalmologists



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