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Retired, my special interest is in the development of academia-based Global Ophthalmology, possibly as a potential sub-specialty of ophthalmology in years to come. To that end, ORBIS International (originally Project ORBIS when I founded it) has honored me by naming a forthcoming fellowship The David Paton Global Ophthalmology Fellowship undoubtedly will be implemented in the year ahead. It will be used for an annual appointment of an ophthalmologist who has finished both residency and a sub-specialty fellowship and is assured of a full time faculty appointment where she / he will have opportunity to focus on global ophthalmology as a special interest. The eclectic fellowship goal will be to provide our specialty with teachers knowledgable and enthusiastic about global ophthalmology as a specific entity. More preliminary information on this topic is available at for history of my relationship to global work; and a forthcoming URL with a self-explanatory name (still in process) I believe this website will be activated before the AAO in Orlando.

David Paton, MD

East Hampton, NY, USA

Emeritus Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

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