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Assigned editor status

 Article statusDate reviewed
Angle Recession GlaucomaUp to Date11 June 2021
Chorioretinitis SclopetariaUp to Date16 June 2021
Ocular Penetrating and Perforating InjuriesUp to Date22 July 2021
Purtscher Retinopathy and Purtscher-like RetinopathyUp to Date7 August 2021
Scleral Fixated Intraocular LensUpdate Pending15 March 2021
Traumatic GlaucomaUpdate Pending6 April 2021
Traumatic IritisUpdate Pending13 April 2021
Vitreous HemorrhageUp to Date7 August 2021

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Ocular Trauma: June EyeWiki Update

Dear EyeWiki Editors,

In the past month, the site was viewed a total of 995,213 times. Since January 1, 2021 we have added 173 new articles. We have also collectively edited 1175 articles since the start of the year out of our current 1260 articles.

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Section Statistics
Each section is now being asked to keep a minimum of 60% of their articles up to date. As you know articles on EyeWiki need to be reviewed every 6 months by an EyeWiki editor; after 6 months the article is tagged as "update pending" meaning an editor needs to check to see that the article is still current and that any changes made by the community are appropriate. Section statistics can be found in each of your Portals. As a bonus any section that is over 80% will be featured on Twitter. Please help maintain EyeWiki by keeping your assigned articles up to date.

Tip of the Month: Using the Watchlist

  • After logging you can find a link to your Watchlist at the top right hand side of any page. (Between Preference and Contributions)
  • When you edit or make changes to an article the article is automatically added to your Watchlist.
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  • To edit your Watchlist:
    • Click on the Watch list link
    • Go to Edit your list of watched pages
  • To change email notifications, go to Preferences, User Profile, Email Options.

Find other great tips in the Getting Started link.

Find Your Article Assignments

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When you complete an article review go to Edit with Form at the top of the article and change:

  • The date to be current
  • The status to Up to Date
  • The reviewer name to your own

EyeWiki Contests: Three contests are currently open, please encourage others to enter.

Our Top 3 Most Viewed Articles for October 2021

About the Ocular Trauma section:

The Ocular Trauma section has 0 articles that have not been assigned status (see portal). There are also 27 articles in this section that need to be updated. As editors, you are responsible for assigning status to articles and updating articles. We are asking you to access your portal and address these outstanding issues ASAP.

Remember, the high priority topics for our section are: Traumatic Motor Neuropathies (Third, Fourth, Sixth), Traumatic Horner Syndrome, Sedation for ER Ophthalmic Evaluation, Lefort Fractures, Optic Nerve Head Avulsion

If you have questions about editing EyeWiki, your role, or suggestions for the site, please contact your section lead editor, Anna Murchison, MD, MPH, or the EyeWiki editors Cat Nguyen Burkat, MD FACS and Jennifer I Lim MD.

Thank you again for your dedication to the spread of ophthalmic knowledge via EyeWiki.


Cat Nguyen Burkat, MD FACS
Jennifer I. Lim, MD
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dan Mummert
Director, Online Education
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