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 Article statusDate reviewed
Clear Lens ExtractionUp to Date26 January 2022
Defocus CurvesUpdate Pending24 October 2021
Ectasia After LASIKUpdate Pending3 October 2021
Extended Depth of Focus IOLsUp to Date4 March 2022
LASIK Flap Buttonhole ManagementUpdate Pending3 October 2021
Photorefractive Intrastromal Cross-LinkingUpdate Pending3 October 2021
Post LASIK Epithelial Ingrowth ManagementUpdate Pending24 October 2021
PresbyLASIKUpdate Pending4 March 2022
PupilloplastyUpdate Pending29 November 2021
Refractive Surgery EnhancementsUpdate Pending3 October 2021
Wavefront TestingUp to Date4 March 2022
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