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Users can collaborate with other EyeWiki users about trials or topics related to the respective original article pages.

Discussion pages

  • Discussion pages, also known as Talk pages can be used to collaborate on articles by entering comments
  • Comments can be added to Discussion (aka Talk) pages in any wiki page
  • For example: the article on Necrotizing fasciitis has a discussion page

Formatting comments

  • Begin your comment with a second level subject heading like so == subject line ==
  • Enter your text under the subject line, go plain text or use wikitext formatting, such as headers, bullet points and links
    • Surround text with equal signs for headers
    • Start text with asterisk(s) for bullet points
    • Surround existing article titles with double square brackets to create hyperlinks to them [[Endophthalmitis]]
  • Best comments are clear and direct with minimal formatting
  • Complete your comment with your username signature by typing 4 tilde characters to sign comments that is ~~~~

Example comment

== data pooling on COVID 19 ==

We have seen quite a few cases of [[Episcleritis]] recently. It looks like the literature hasn't really defined how different clinical features impact outcomes. Would anyone like to pool data with my institution? ~~~~