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Want to collaborate on research? Get started with Discussion pages to share findings with your fellow clinicians. Users can collaborate with other EyeWiki users about trials or topics related to the respective original article pages.

Discussion pages

  • Discussion pages, also known as Talk pages can be used to collaborate on articles by entering comments
  • Comments can be added to Discussion (aka Talk) pages in any wiki page
  • For example: the article on Necrotizing fasciitis has a discussion page

Steps to add a comment

  • Go to any page and click the Discussion link
  • Click Edit source
  • Add comment with formatting as needed

Help discussion link.jpg Help discussion edit.jpg Help discussion comment.jpg

Formatting comments

  • Begin your comment with a second level subject heading like so == subject line ==
  • Enter your text under the subject line, go plain text or use wikitext formatting, such as headers, bullet points and links
    • Surround text with equal signs for headers
    • Start text with asterisk(s) for bullet points
    • Surround existing article titles with double square brackets to create hyperlinks to them [[Endophthalmitis]]
  • Best comments are clear and direct with minimal formatting
  • Complete your comment with your username signature by typing 4 tilde characters to sign comments that is ~~~~
  • if you want to track comments easily in the page history add a Summary comment surrounded by /* Summary text */

Example comment

== data pooling on COVID 19 ==

We have seen quite a few cases of [[Episcleritis]] recently. It looks like the literature hasn't really defined how different clinical features impact outcomes. Would anyone like to pool data with my institution? ~~~~