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This is a list of message recipients. Everyone on this list can have a message posted to their talk page by clicking here.

Automatic/scheduled messages

This list automatically receives a message on the first Friday of every month. You can view the message this list will receive by clicking here. If that page does not exist, no message will be sent.

Section Lead Editor


  • "User:Sun.Y.Lee<MANY>User:Koushik.Tripathy<MANY>User:Christina.weng<MANY>User:Mary.Elizabeth.Hartnett<MANY>User:Robert.Hyde<MANY>User:Jason.Hsu<MANY>User:Neelakshi.E.Bhagatne<MANY>User:Vamsi.Gullapalli<MANY>User:Nimesh.Patel<MANY>User:RazekGeorges.Coussa<MANY>User:Vaidehi.Dedania<MANY>User:Brittni.Scruggs" is not a valid page title.
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