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Featured Article for October 14, 2019

Intratunnel Phacofracture: A New MSICS Technique

In 2012, Sudhir Singh published a new manual small-incision cataract surgery (MSICS) technique based on his experience at Global Hospital Research Centre, Mount Abu,India 1 2. The MSICS and phacoemulsification are the most popular methods of cataract extraction today. The former is significantly faster, less expensive, and less technology-dependent than phacoemulsification and has been extensively practiced in developing countries such as India. However, the draw¬back of most commonly practiced MSICS techniques— Blumenthal, visco expression, irrigating wire vectis, and fish-hook needle—is that they all require a large incision of 7 to 9 mm, which leads to induced astigmatism. In the intratunnel phacofracture technique, in which the lens nucleus is broken inside a sub−6-mm sclerocorneal tunnel incision and removed. The nucleus removal steps take place inside the sclerocorneal tunnel, in contrast with other nucleotomy techniques in which this maneuvering takes place inside the anterior chamber.

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