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Many old, new and emerging novel techniques for iris repair are utilized nowadays.

Because of the better understanding of the importance of iris and size and regularity of pupillary aperture, Iridoplasty is increasingly used nowadays by ophthalmic surgeons to optimize patient visual outcomes.[1]


From optical point of view, larger pupillary aperture is associated with higher order aberrations. Irregular shape of pupil (e.g. peaked pupil) can give rise to photopsia.

Another important reason is that sometimes there is no sufficient iris support to implant an Artisan (iris claw lens) safely, iridoplasty is indicated in these cases if sufficient iris tissue is present


  1. Mathur A, Gehrmann J, Atchison D. Pupil shape as viewed along the horizontal visual field. Journal of Vision. 2013;13(6):3-3.
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