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 Article statusDate reviewed
Posterior Capsule OpacificationUp to Date13 August 2023
Posterior Polar CataractUpdate Pending12 January 2023
Povidone-Iodine in Ophthalmic SurgeryUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Pre-operative TopographyUpdate Pending23 January 2023
Presbyopia-Correcting IOLsUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Prosthetic Iris DevicesUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Pseudoexfoliation SyndromeUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Pseudoexfoliative GlaucomaUpdate Pending25 December 2022
Pupil Expansion Devices and Mechanical Stretching of the PupilUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Retrobulbar AnesthesiaUp to Date9 August 2023
Secondary Intraocular Lens (IOL) ImplantationUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Simultaneous Bilateral Cataract SurgeryUpdate Pending22 January 2023
Stop and Chop TechniqueUp to Date8 May 2023
Triangle SignUp to Date8 May 2023
Trifocal Intraocular LensesUp to Date29 July 2023
Vitreous Wick SyndromeUp to Date23 July 2023
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